ART Token Now Available

The ART token is now available. Wait…. What’s the ART token?

The ART token is built with both the collector and artist in mind. By holding the ART token you can participate in the Liquidity pools and get rewarded. The LP rewards are paid out weekly, current rewards are 100 ART tokens weekly distributed amongst all of the LP holders by % of what you own, eg if you have 2.0567 % that is the amount of ART you receive. View the Liquidity pool stats here

You can hold the token for future NFT’s like the Art By Huddo range but also more artists to come. Upcoming memberships where by holding an ART VIP pass you will receive various NFT’s

The ART token is available via Alcor Exchange Swap and also the OTC option on Alcor. Grab your ART here or the OTC at Alcor here

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