Aussie Icon Beer

Have you heard of Uluru? If you are in Australia of course you have, but for some of the world they have no idea. The aim of my next NFT series is to bring some of the aussie icons to life on a six pack of beer each week. The 3rd beer drop is live…

ART Token Now Available

The ART token is now available. Wait…. What’s the ART token? The ART token is built with both the collector and artist in mind. By holding the ART token you can participate in the Liquidity pools and get rewarded. The LP rewards are paid out weekly, current rewards are 100 ART tokens weekly distributed amongst…

Good Vibes Mining Comp

Our next adventure has just started. Do you play Alien Worlds? If you do have you started playing competitions? Check this one out. Plenty of prizes up for grabs for random miners. To play head over to the good vibes event page here


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Fun Art on the Wax Blockchain.

Wax Warrior Series 2

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